Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

Personal injury lawyers almost often accept cases on a contingent fee (or "contingency fee") basis, meaning that they if they win the case, they receive a percentage of the award as their fee. If they lose, they do not receive an attorney fee. (Please note that attorney fees are different from costs, and you may be responsible for certain costs associated with your case, such as the filing fee for your lawsuit, even if you lose. While this is rarely an issue, as most civil litigation settles short of trial, you should to clarify the issue of costs with your lawyer.)

The amount of the contingent fee your lawyer will charge will vary somewhat from state to state. In most states, the attorney fee will be between one third and 40% of a personal injury award. Attorney fees for workers' compensation cases are more tightly regulated, and are typically lower than for regular personal injury matters. If your case is potentially worth a lot of money, you may be able to negotiate a reduction of the attorney's contingent fee, but the best personal injury lawyers are usually not willing to negotiate the fees they charge. They know that they are often able to recover substantially more money for their clients than attorneys with lesser skills, resulting in a greater award to you regardless of the percentage taken by the attorney.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers provide legal representation services to people injured physically or psycholically due to an act of negligence by another party (person, company, government entity, or private business).  The practice of personal injury law simply involves one party getting hurt, physically or psychologically,  due to another party.

Within personal injury law, there are two main categories: cases arising from negligence and cases arising from an intentional act.

For example, an act of negligence can involve a business cleaning the floor with a wet mop and failing to put any warning signs to let people know to be careful because of a wet floor.  If a person falls, slips, and gets hurt, that person can sue the business for negligence with the help of a personal injury attorney.

An intentional act could involve somone walking up to someone and causing deliberate harm.  Because there was a motive for physical violence look to cause injury and harm, a personal injury lawyer can assist the plaintiff in court.

If you have been physically or psychologically (emotionally) injured, it's best that you consult with a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a basis for your case.  You should be able to get a free or low cost consultation to see if it's in your best interest to take the other part to court.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Personal Injury Precautions

If you're involved in a situation that causes physical or emotional personal injury to yourself, the best thing to do is seek immediate help.  If you end up going through with legal proceedings, seeking help document the diagnosis and recommended treatment for your condition.

If you suffer a physical personal injury, visit a doctor as soon as you can, and the sooner the better.  This way, the doctor can give an accurate description of your condition and prepare you for immediate treatment.  You can only benefit in the long run.

If you suffer a emotional personal injury, seek professional help via a psychiatrist or a trusted, credible adviser.  This person can help you cope with your emotions and possibly assist.  Just as important, this adviser can vouch for the emotions you felt at the time of the personal injury.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Personal Injury Attorney Feature

Having a personal injury attorney who is very experienced can be critical in assessing and winning your case.  Chances are that the more seasoned attorneys have seen every personal injury case out there, so he or she will know how to best advise you.

Today's featured personal injury attorney is Stephan Peskin.  He has over 25 years of experience... check out his video below:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Personal Injury Attorney Feature

I've talked a lot about personal injury and personal injury attorneys in the past week.  I thought I'd share with you one of the top attorneys in New York, David Perecman.  As discussed before, getting a top personal injury attorney usually results in having more claim money paid out versus having an attorney that might not be as good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Personal Injury Claims & Legal Proceedings

As mentioned earlier, if you suffer a personal injury, the best thing to do is to seek the help of an attorney who can assess your situation.  Ultimately, if you've been wronged, you're entitled to some form of compensation, and this compensation usually is money.

Sometimes people who suffer a personal injury are reluctant to see an attorney because they don't have enough money for a retainer.  In these cases, it's still best to consult with one because if you've really been wronged, and you have a strong case, your attorney can receive compensation after the settlement has been won.  Many lawyers offer free consultation services.